About Me

Hi there! My name is Frances and I love making people’s feet feel comfortable and healthy.

I have a career background in education, psychology and health. On a personal level, I’ve walked and run many miles, and my feet have taken their fair share of punishment. No wonder the job of foot health practitioner turned out to be another way to help people feel better, more comfortable and happier!

I love deepening my knowledge and understanding of all things feet; whether this is just a simple toenail trim, a corn removal, giving advice on a fungal infection or just some guidance to help you find the right type of footwear.

I operate a mobile service which means that I visit you in your home, but, if that is inconvenient or simply does not appeal, there is an option for treatment in the Wivenhoe area. Please ask for further details.

I’m very approachable so, if you want to contact me for a chat to see how I can help you, please do call with no obligation.

Best wishes,