My Services

I provide foot care and relief from Ingrown toenail, corns, callus, dry skin, thickened nails, cracked heel, fungal infections (like athlete’s foot and fungal nail), verruca advice and nail cutting (toenails and fingernails). I can also give assessment of diabetic feet.

Standard foot care

The key service which I offer to all patients is that of standard foot care. I am trained to assess the health of your feet, to cut toe nails and to remove or reduce hard skin and callus. For many patients, a regular check and trim; alongside well-fitting shoes and keeping feet clean and moisturised, is enough to give considerable protection from infection and discomfort.

Diabetic feet

If you are diabetic, you will know that good foot care is essential. I am trained to carry out a neurovascular assessment. This is an essential assessment for diabetic patients. It can be very reassuring to know that things are fine. It’s also important to know when to seek help from a GP, diabetic nurse or podiatrist to catch any problems early on. If I have any concerns about your foot health, I can contact your GP or other health professionals with my observations if I have your permission. I can also monitor changes over time for regular patients.

Nail care

Cracked, discoloured, fungal or thickened nails are suprisingly common. For some people, they are just a painless nuisance. For others, they can be a real cause of distress. The causes of changes in nail growth vary; trauma, infection and gel nail treatments are some examples of this. Some discolourations might trigger a referral; others will require treatment. Much of the time, there is a route towards healthier, shinier nails in the longterm.


Veruccae can be difficult to treat. I can explain your options and how effective they are for the majority of people. Verrucae can go very quickly with no intervention. They can also persist for a long time. Lots of factors will determine this, and there are a range of treatments available. I can give you advice so that you can make the best decision on how to proceed.


Corns can be a cause of pain and considerable discomfort. Pressure is a key cause and can aggrevate the pain of a corn. I can identify corns and treat them, according to their type, presentation and what is appropriate for you. I will keep you informed of your options and we will decide together on how to proceed to alleviate your symptoms.


Callus and dry skin are common on feet. For some, they are just unsightly and for others, they cause pain. I can file dry skin and reduce callus, so that feet look fresher and feel comfortable.

Athlete’s Foot

I am qualified to recognise and advise on the treatment of athlete’s foot and how to avoid it in future.

Cracked heel

Cracked heels are painful and debilitating. They need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent infection. I will be able to pare back any dead, hard skin to reduce the crack and promote healing. I’ll check for signs of infection, make sure that the skin is cleaned, and give advice on creams which will aid healing as quickly as possible. I will also advise you on how to prevent cracking in the future.

Ingrowing Toenail

I am trained to assess in growing toenails. In many cases, I can cut the nail to ease pain and discuss with you what might have caused the nail to grow in to the sulcus (the soft tissue at the side of the nail). If I think that you will need specialised care from a podiatrist, I can advise you and refer if necessary (and with your consent).

Finger nail Cutting

I am fully insured to cut finger nails for a small extra charge.